Still Working on About Page

I’ve been working on my about page on-and-off for over a month now. It’s harder than I expected, especially since I’m not 100% certain of the theme for this blog. Last time I tried starting this blog –over a year ago– this is the exact point where I got stuck and never continued.

I quit.

To prevent that from happening again I’m giving myself a deadline — one week. Good or bad; I’m going to publish it. I found a good and simple template for making an “About Me” page in Michael Hyatt’s book “Platform.” I’ll give it a try.




What I learned Creating A Blogging Persona

As for my next magic trick, I have to choose a blogging persona.  I wish it were that easy.  But what I understand is that a blogging persona helps improves our writting voice by focusing the perspective from which we communicate. Identifying the right voice should help us consistently speak with more authenticity.  And if done correctly, this should reduce the confusion readers … Read more