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It’s been several weeks since my first blog post. Even though I started with so much excitement the fear has crept back in. Am I stuck or thinking about quitting? No way! But I’m learning that fear and resistance never stop and the more space you give them the more room they take.

Since I don’t have much free time, I’ve been looking for some type of step-by-step guide or resource for new bloggers. I’m trying to avoid wasting time on unnecessary steps and mistakes common to new bloggers.

I’m developing a writing habit so I’ve been journaling several times per week in the morning and taking notes on topics that interest me directly on the Evernote app (AKA my electronic brain). Evernote is free and awesome so get it. 

I read on Michael Hyatt’s blog that most bloggers quit after just a few months. After reading this a thought crept into my head saying something like “just quit now and don’t waste anymore time.” Well, lucky for me, I don’t consider myself a blogger. The blogger label just doesn’t appeal to me.

I just want to do a few things:

  • share my journey
  • connect with people trying to do extraordinary things
  • get clarity on my next steps
  • find my voice (more on this later)
  • write about things I’m passionate about

I don’t have to give myself the blogger label to do this.

The Focusing Question

To decide my next steps I normally list a bunch of random things and put them in order.  This time, though, I prefer focusing on just one focused step. In the book “The One Thing” the author recommends asking yourself the FOCUSING question to uncover your next move.

This is it:

“What’s the ONE Thing I could do, such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”

Possible Next Steps:

1. Make an “About” page.

2. Choose a niche or focus.

3. Find a step-by-step guide for new bloggers.

4. Set up an email opt-in.

These are all important, but based on the focusing question,  the most important one now is to find a guide on setting up a blog the right way. Following the steps of someone who’s done it before should reduce some of the frustration and common mistakes.

Am I absolutely sure this is the right step? Nope. But I don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on the next move. If it’s a mistake I’ll adjust and continue moving forward.  But the main thing is not to stop the momentum.

I’m considering to buy a short step-by-step ebook called “The First Week in Blogging” for $20 from Problogger that looks perfect. I also got Michael Hyatt’s “Platform” book recently. I’ll review them both and then decide which one to follow first. I get distracted easily, so following one resource with step-by-step instructions will help a lot.

Is there any way you can apply the focusing question to something that you’re doing or trying to start?

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