I went ice-skating for the first time during a trip to Japan with my family recently.  I have to admit that I was a bit scared of getting on the ice, since I had thoughts of falling and cracking my head.  When my wife asked me to wear a helmet, I didn’t act like a tough guy like I usually do.

I put on the helmet.

When my skates touched the ice my heart started beating so hard I could feel my chest moving. I had both hands clamped to the handrail as I tiptoed on the slippery-wet surface. But then I started thinking about my roller blading days when I was a punk in middle school. I remembered those leg movements and tried to copy them on my ice-skates hoping this would get me moving forward.

It worked!

Okay, it wasn’t Disney on Ice, but I was inching forward. Then I let go of the handrail. And after a few minutes I was doing 360 jumps!

Okay, not really…

But I was moving faster.  And more importantly, I didn’t look like a 6 ft baby learning to walk in the middle of a Japanese audience. By the end of the day, my butt never touched the floor, and we had one of the best times ever as a family!

Can I get a Woot-woot?!

I never would have thought that the time I spent rollerblading as a kid would help me some 20 years later.  This taught me that experiences we’ve had in the past — both good and bad — can help us in the future, so we can’t go through our day-to-day with sourpuss faces. You have no idea how that thing you’re doing now may help you in the future.

We can learn from all experiences — if we’re intentional about it.  If we look for daily teachable moments there would never be a wasted experience. This reminds of when Dave Ramsey says,

“There’s no such thing as failing; there’s only learning.”

Those things you learned at that job you hated (or are currently in) might be reusable in the future, so go thru it with a positive mindset and it will make the experience better. We can’t predict the future, but if you embrace the different seasons of life with a positive mindset you’ll feel more confident and optimistic about where you’re headed.  And when you’re positive, you open yourself up to more opportunities, so don’t be a sourpuss.

Your attitude is a choice.

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