Are We Becoming Too Soft?

Red Flag

When my wife and I lived in Japan we were expecting our second child. But we had a hard time finding a hospital that offered anesthesia during labor.  Eventually, though, we found a place but the anesthesia doses were kept to the absolute minimum.  It was as if Japanese doctors felt that experiencing some pain was necessary or even good for you.

The word I remember hearing most often from medical staff in Japan during that time was “Gambarimasu.” It means to persevere; to persist; to keep at it; to do one’s best.”

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Are You Daring Greatly?


 I was addicted to political news for years. I’d watch it first thing in the morning, while eating lunch, and then before going to bed.  Eventually, though, I grew tired of listening to “experts.” At some point I realized these critics don’t have any skin the game.

They don’t take risks. All they do is sit back and make comments. They are

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Is Happiness Overrated?

Smile For Me
“Smile For Me”

Each morning I have to choose between two vitamins. One is a thick egg-shaped fish oil pill, the size of a small thumb. It’s supposed to help lower blood pressure. And the other is a sweet tasting chewy gummy multi-vitamin.

Can you guess which one I take more often?

The gummy vitamins! The fish oil is more important for me, but just the thought of swallowing that massive pill makes me feel nauseous.

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