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Goal setting helped me stay focused and moving forward.

If you’re like me, you enjoy setting goals, but have a hard time following through. I usually make goals in December.  I start off January focused like a laser. But by the end of February I don’t even remember my goals! Next thing you know it’s December again and the cycle repeats itself.

Desperate for something different, I signed up for Michael Hyatt’s “Best Year Ever” 5-day goal setting course last December. At first I thought he was exagerating. I mean, how can someone sell a course promising to help you achieve your best year ever?

As a long time follower of Michael’s blog and podcast I trusted him. Plus, I know he prides himself on over delivering.

So I did it. And the results? 

I’m getting there…

I was right. It wasn’t my best year ever. Nothing can top the year I got married and when my kids were born.  However, 2014 comes in second place. This course (goal setting) is one of the main reasons why I had a great year.

What was different? Glad you asked, bro.

For starters, it felt like goal setting on steroids (for the record I’ve never used steroids). These factors made it different:

Theme: I’ve had this “Best Year Ever” theme running through my mind the entire year. Even when I wasn’t thinking about my goals I still thought about the theme. I slacked a few months, but having the theme ingrained in my brain ensured that I didn’t relax for too long. It’s November and I’m still have about accomlishing three remaining big goals.

Intentional: This goal setting experiment has made me more intentional with my time. I created goals for nearly each month so this kept me motivated on a monthly basis. I focused on the months, weeks, days, and even minutes.  I was much more aware of my time and my priorities.

Comfort Zone: A few of my goals where outside of my comfort zone. That’s where the magic (personal growth) happens. Among other things, one of my goals was to “start my online platform by September of 2014.” Guess what? I launched this blog in SEPTEMBER (check out my first post).  And it felt so good! Without this course you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post — or my future posts. 🙂 I was scared, nervous, and confused, but I went for it anyway. I’m so glad I did it.

Happiness: I discovered this year that checking off my completed goals gave me instances of happiness and fulfillment. Imagine getting stuff done, gaining control of our life, and moving towards your dreams. That’s what I felt. Completing each goal created a snow ball effect that encouraged me to keep going. When things were not going well during the year, I looked at my completed goals and felt re-inspired.

My year wasn’t all flowers and unicorns. I had some frustrating chunks of time. Life happens! That’s part of the journey.

To make the goal setting experience better next year I’m making a few changes:

1. Partner-up: I’m going to look for an accountability partner. Without one it’s easier to get off track or even quit.

2. Review Goals Daily: I went several months without even looking at my goals and that was a mistake. Next time I plan to read my goals in the morning and before going to bed. I’ll also print out a few copies and leave them in places where I know I’ll see them to keep them top of mind. Keeping a copy in my Evernote app was crucial. I might re-write my goals at least once per week. In my new favorite book “The 10X Rule” (affiliate link) by Grant Cardone, he re-writes his goals every day. He’s a beast.

3. Real Goals: One of my regrets is making goals that were too small.  I learned from this experience that Average goals lead to average results. I know we’re supposed to set “realistic” goals, but why? I want more goals that force me to test my comfort zone. 

I now realize that without long-term goals we don’t have any idea or control of the direction our lives are headed. If we can’t keep score how will we know if we’re winning? If we don’t know where we’re going then we can’t complain when we don’t get there.

Just imgaine what you can accomplish in one year with the right goals and motivation.  

Are you planning to set and follow through on your goals for 2015? 

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